Saving the World with Postage (aang_aint_white) wrote,
Saving the World with Postage

We'll let the show speak for itself.

Many people have been telling us we shouldn't be offended. And of all the arguments we've been presented with this past week, the most common is also the most surprising: "These characters look white to me."

We considered writing an essay about the ethnic makeup of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but then we realized we could never be as eloquent on this topic as the show itself was.

For those of you who're interested in this issue but not familiar with the show, and for those fans who want a reminder of what we're fighting to preserve: an essay in images, spanning the length of the series and ending as the show itself tellingly chose to.

Images provided by

If you agree that whitewashing this world and these characters is disappointing and offensive, please take a few minutes and help us do something about it.

It will take hundreds of letters to get Paramount's attention -- we're getting there, but we still have a long way to go.
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