January 30th, 2009


So many ways to speak out

We've updated our post about the February 7th casting call in Philadelphia with specific information as to the time and place, and several local volunteers are helping to organize a protest. If you're interested in joining in, please do so -- the stronger a front we present, the harder it will be for Paramount Pictures to continue to ignore us.

Even if you can't make it to the casting call, you can still raise awareness of this issue in style! One of our supporters, the talented and generous glockgal, has set up an online store where you can buy shirts, postcards and buttons to broadcast your support of this cause in person. All items are being sold at cost, and none of us will profit from these sales in any way. If you want to make your own shirt or poster, you can download the highres versions of the images here.

While we ultimately decided against handling any money ourselves, we encourage you to donate to the East West Players. From their website: "As the nation’s premier Asian American theatre organization, East West Players produces outstanding works and educational programs that give voice to the Asian Pacific American experience." One of their primary goals is "increased opportunities for Asian Pacific Islander artists on stage and in other media," which is very closely tied to what we're trying to do here. In addition to this, many of the Asian American actors who provided voices for Avatar: The Last Airbender were associated with this group -- including Mako, sadly deceased, who was the voice of Uncle Iroh.